Saturday, September 24, 2011

New People and other stuff

Lots of new people have arrived at the Embassy in the past month.  All told, I think close to half of all the Americans at Post have arrived within the last month.  Lots of new kids too.  Hard to remember who belongs to who, but I am starting to figure it out.

September is a very holiday-friendly month in Belize.  For Labor Day, I went up to Cancun.  Then, for the Battle of St. George's Caye, I went to Hopkins.  Then Wednesday, September 21, was the 30th anniversary of Belize Independence.

Sadly, George Price, the first Prime Minister of Belize and one of the driving forces behind Belize independence died on Sunday.  On Monday, Belize is having a state funeral - the first in its history.  They declared the day to be a national holiday, which means I will get one more day off this month.

On Thursday, I will be going back on national TV and radio to promote to Diversity Visa Lottery.  Last year, it was possible to listen over the internet.  I will try to post a link and time later this week if I can.

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