Sunday, June 26, 2011

Panama Pictures

Casca Viejo - the old part of Panama City

Shelley ran into a bunch of pigeons and then got scared

Panama City has a fantastic skyline with more sky scrapers than most US cities

The view from my friend Alison's apartment.

Miraflores locks at the Panama Canal

The locks in operation

I am not kidding you when I say that this ice cream was the highlight of the trip.

This picture was taken during the 1/2 hour I spent at the beach during my WEEK in Panama.  Yes, it is raining.

This is the back of my knee after I was stung by the fire coral.

Shelley and I at the 4th of July celebration on Friday night.
(Note that I am smiling because I am no longer in Panama)

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  1. Hi there! We also live in Belmopan and I found your blog by googling movie theaters in Chetumal. Love your photos and good luck with your bidding!