Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend in Paradise

Even though there is "nothing" to do in Belize, I often find myself with a full - sometimes too full - social calendar.  This week my schedule went like this:

  • Tuesday: Tuesday Tumble (Walk around ring road followed by pizza and beer)
  • Wednesday: Pig and Parrot (Pub at British High Commission)
  • Thursday: Sharanya's going away party.
  • Friday: Kira's birthday party
  • Saturday - Monday: Spent the weekend with about 17 adults and 13 kids on Calabash Caye.  Absolutely a fantastic weekend with plenty of relaxation - see pictures below.

Sharanya and me at her leaving party

Emile - the eccentric drummer of the The Bob Dylans in a one-night only performance.
Kira's Cake - yes, that purse is actually a cake.
The fish that I caught with out using a pole!

Checkout the small fish inside the fish that I caught (you can see the eye on the right side of the mouth)

These gulls were flying right overhead while we fished

This was the small island just off of Calabash Caye

Stingray came up to our beach

Marial by the camp fire
The Belize Coast Guard has their HQ on Calabash

This about sums up the weekend

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