Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tickets are purchased!

I am headed to Panama in June for a week of beach, jungles and canals.  My sister, Shelley, will meet me down there and then likely come back to Belize for a few days.  Since June is the only month without any holidays, I felt the need to take a week off that month.

Not really sure on an itinerary yet, but I have two A-100 classmates in Panama City, so I hope to see them.  The canal is a must and I want to do some SCUBA, as well. If anyone has any suggestions for places to go or things to do, please leave a comment below.

(Funny story about Panama City.  When I was a freshman in college, I joined a fraternity in the spring.  About a dozen guys were driving to PC for spring break.  I was shocked that anyone would drive that far over spring break and it wasn't until I was a sophomore that I discovered that there is a Panama City in Florida).

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