Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My great cable revenge

Anyone who may have followed my non-State Dept blog, The III Degree, would know that I have had problems with cable companies.  I find that cable companies abuse you more than any other type of utility and that satellite and FIOS offer competition in theory only.  I have spent countless hours on the phone or in line with cable companies arguing over charges and service, etc.  With one company, I refused to pay a disputed charge for months, always deducting it from my monthly payment and informing them in writing that I disputed the charge of $12.84.  Finally, I moved and closed the account with the disputed amount on there - and they sent me to collections.  Assholes.  After I threatened to sue the collection company for harassing me over a disputed debt, they left me alone.

So, when I was in Crystal City last year, I had Comcast (again) and was mostly satisfied with their service.  They screwed up slightly when I canceled my service and I had to see them about getting $10 taken off the bill.  When I went to the store, the guy removed the charge with no problem and told me to have a nice day.

What he didn't realize is that he credited the account for the whole amount, which left me with a negative balance -$1.75.  Since then, for the past 10 months, they have sent me a statement informing me that I have negative balance.  Each month, I happily get the statement and throw it away.  For all the countless hours I spent arguing with them over money, they now waste money each month sending me the statement.


  1. I quit cable when we came back to the US. I was just too angry to deal with them any more. We ended up buying a digital antenna that looks like a laptop. It picks up about 30 channels. Then we use our laptop/HULU option for the rest and just plug it into our TV. Oh, and Netflix streaming changed my life. I know it sounds complicated but it has saved me over a thousand dollars but more importantly the intense grief and anger I get over cable companies.

  2. I watch too much live sports to ever make the switch in the US

  3. I'm lost with cable and DVR...they got me hooked.

  4. You may not see satellite companies as competition to cable companies, but in reality, they are sometimes loads better than cable. I have DISH Network currently and ever since I got it in 2008, I have not had any problems with the service or billing. The customer service is so much better as well. I had Comcast years ago and I will never go back. I am now employed with DISH Network and I can tell you that customer service plays a huge part in the business. After all, a company is nothing without its customers being happy. In fact, DISH Network was rated #1 in customer satisfaction amongst all cable and satellite providers. It is definitely a great service!