Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DC Update

I'm having a great time in DC - learning new stuff about ACS, eating good food, and meeting up with old friends.     Last night, I found out my friend Katie was featured in the Washingtonian magazine in December for her work as a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney's Office in DC.  This is the office that I worked for when I was preparing for the Oral Assessment and doing my security clearance.  It is an interesting read, offering insight into the office I worked in and it showcases one of my best DC friends.  The article fails to mention that most of the attorneys handling the misdemeanor cases are not actually hired by the US Attorney's Office.  Rather, they are brought in from other federal agencies to get the attorney valuable trial experience.

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  1. Hi Al.

    Roland Heard advertises his tax services in the FS Journal. I have not used him, as I just started with State, but I called him, and he seems knowledgeable. Also, you can file an amended MO state W-4 with HR (probably can find it on employee express, but I'm not sure) stating you are exempt from MO taxes. Since you don't owe while you're working overseas, better to not pay at all than pay and fool with a refund later. (Although it will probably work out for you this year, considering you may be bouncing MO money right over to VA depending on how things shake).

    Best of luck....Traci