Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Eve and Resolutions

I have never really had a good New Year's Eve.  It's not that the night is a disappointment by lofty standards or anything - the night has actually been below average to awful.  Some of the low lights include getting a black eye, having to physically restrain my drunk sister, working (both at the restaurant and grocery store), and watching a movie at home with my dog.  My best New Years Eve was probably a few years ago when I went to play BINGO with parents and grandparents and I got BINGO in an early bird game and won $100 (I still lost money this night).

So, when I went out with my sister and her friends last night, I was merely hoping to avoid disaster.  We went out to the Tempe block party.  We went to a couple of bars (including the very cool "Big Bang" which features dueling pianos and $3 beers) and I had an average to above average night out.  There were no fights, no arrests, no injuries, no accidents - which made it a fantastic New Year's Eve.

I know many people had a rough 2010, but 2010 was pretty damn good to me.  I got an awesome job in the Foreign Service.  I got assigned to an amazing post in Belize.  I've traveled (Israel, Belize, Guatemala, Vegas, and Phoenix).  I've made good friends.  2010 was a pretty good year for me.  But, that does mean that 2011 can't be better.  Here are a few goals for 2011.

  1. Quit smoking (again).  I quit smoking after law school, but started social smoking this year.  That expanded to regular smoking late this year.  I quit again on December 22 and so far, so good.
  2. Travel to at least 3 central American countries (in order of preference) - Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador
  3. Watch at least two sun rises and sunsets.  I have had this goal every year and I usually make it.  Sunsets are much easier for me to watch than sun rises.
  4. Get an awesome second posting.  This summer, I will get my bid list and get my assignment for my next post.
  5. Date more.


  1. After you bid for a new post, how long until you actually move on?

  2. Awesome resolutions. I hope you get a post you love next!