Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home is where your Mom is

I have to admit, I had forgotten how nice it can be to live with someone else.  Since I started law school five years ago, I have only had three roommates.  I lived with Con, the old Irish guy who talked so long I would skype call my own cell phone to get him to leave the room.  I lived with Amy, a law school classmate who was a great roommate, and I lived with David, the quiet guy who stayed in his room and never talked to me.  I hadn't lived at home since 2004.

So, it has been a special treat having my Mom stay with me this week.  She got here Sunday and after a quick tour of Belmopan (is there any other kind?), we just relaxed at my house.  That is pretty much what we have been doing the whole week.  She has helped me finish unpacking a few belongings and cleaned the place up a little bit.  She even did my laundry and washed my sheets.

All of that is great, but the best part has been having someone to talk to when I get home from work.  I have always been close to my parents.  We would talk regularly on the phone.  But there is just something different about having the person there with you.  We've sat out on the screened porch talking, cooked dinner together, watched Top Chef, etc. etc.  I had forgotten how much I enjoyed talking to someone who talks back (no offense to my dog, Bailey).

I have also showed my Mom life on the town in Belmopan.  We went out to dinner at the Bull Frog Inn with two of my friends here.  Last night, we went to pub night, where she debated great bands of the 60s and 70s with the British High Commissioner (she wasn't impressed until I explained that he was the British equivalent to the Ambassador here). 

Tonight is the 4th of July party.  I got my Mom on the guest list.  After listing the Prime Minister, Ambassadors, Senators, Supreme Court Judges, prominent business leaders, etc. all the way down at the bottom is "Al's Mom."  I plan to post a recap of that party later on.

My car has finally arrived in Belize.  But I don't have it yet.  Hopefully, I can pick it up tomorrow.  If so, we will take a trip around Belize, hitting up some Mayan ruins and maybe the beach.  If not, we will stay closer to Belmopan and still have a good time.

(Photos - Mom at the Belmopan market;
Me and Mom at pub night at the British high commission)

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